Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Initial Thoughts on the New Edmodo App

Edmodo has released their new app for iPhone/iPod Touch and is available in the iTunes App store for free. My initial reaction is wow. It blows the mobile website out of the water for ease of use and its ability to communicate with users.  Communication is where this app shines so far. Since I'm on summer vacation, there are some things I haven't been able to try out, so this isn't really a full or complete review. Users do not have access to the more advanced features like the library, the ability to upload files, or being able to grade assignments on the app. You can't access the calendar either. Users do have the ability to view uploaded files though. I would love to see a more full featured version, but at this point I'm fine with what it offers.  The only gripe I have is a little one, and it may just be my sometimes finicky first generation iPod Touch, but the app doesn't appear to work in landscape mode to read posts. It does however work in landscape mode to type a note or reply. I don't have access to an iPad to see how the  app works and looks on that device. If the development of this app moves  as rapidly as the website and service as whole and becomes full featured, it will quickly catch on as how teachers and students access Edmodo. Edmodo initially bridged the gap between social networking and education. This app is a step forward towards bridging the gap between mobile computing and classroom instruction. 

Download the App from the Apple iTunes Store

A few screenshots


  1. Mr. Scheeler, thanks so much for the great review! We're in the planning stages of the next iteration of our iPhone App so we really appreciate your feedback. Let us know if there's anything else you think of :)


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