Friday, February 26, 2010

Online Book Clubs

As of today, our school online book clubs are now up and running. I am pretty excited to see how it goes the first time around. Previously clubs met face to face after school, which was successful, but limited the participation of seventh and eighth graders who were involved in after school activities. 
We decided to use Edmodo as our platform for discussion as a fair number of students are familiar with the user interface. Edmodo also allows groups to take advantage of posting polls, sharing files or video clips, and of course threaded discussion. 
Each group consists of a nice mix of students in grades 6-8 and one group discussion leader. Each book club will "meet" for one month and then students will have the opportunity to join and participate in another group. 
I think we have a nice selection of books to start and I hope school monies or a sponsor will be available to expand the list very soon. Our current list includes Woods Runner, Among the Hidden, The Boy in Striped Pajamas, The Lightning Thief, and The Hunger Games. 

Any suggestions for future titles? 

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